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Meet the Principal

By LaKeyda M. Burnett, Principal

    Greetings, Everyone!  It is such an honor to serve as Principal of LaFayette Eastside Elementary School.  Our school motto is "E.E.S.  :  Eastside. Everybody. Shines!"  This motto sets the tone for the big ideas of collaboration and teamwork in order for all of our students to be successful.  Every child matters, every single day!

    In order to meet the diverse needs of our students, we will continue to  revamp some ways that things are done.  Just like your student(s), we are committed to be learners as well.  That involves continuous learning on our part in order to provide the best instruction possible.  Learning and growing...and making changes for the better will continue to be our course of action.  Teachers will continue to use research-based strategies and will begin to make the most of the 375 instructional minutes during our school days.   Each day, we strive to make our school one that is safe and conducive to learning.  A huge part of your child's success in school is YOUR involvement!  Be sure to refer to our monthly calendar in order to be "in the know about school events".  

    As always, we extend an invitation to you to be a part of the learning process.  Education is a team effort, and we welcome parental involvement in order for our students to reach their highest potential.  We also welcome any ideas that you may have, as we are looking for ways to build our PTO Organization.   

     Our commitment is to educate each child successfully.  In doing so, we will be setting and maintaining a positive tone with professionalism while extending our best to our families.  We look forward to each family taking an active role in their children's education.  Thank you for entrusting your children to us!  E.E.S.:  Eastside. Everybody. Shines!

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